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What is Mayple’s “deep job platform?”

Mayple’s deep job platform is designed to help you grow your personal brand and business, while growing those of your clients.

The platform uses AI algorithms to match you with clients that are a perfect-fit  with your skills and preferences, as well as onboards them to work with you, and provides tools to help you manage your projects so you can be 100% focused on doing your best work

Your Professional Reputation

Your Professional Reputation

  • Data-driven vetting
  • Vetting certificate
  • Professional profile
New Client Matching

New Client Matching

  • AI-powered matching
  • Prepaid clients, not leads
New Client Onboarding

New Client Onboarding

  • Pre-filled marketing briefs
  • Instant ad account integrations
Finance And Admin

Finance And Admin

  • On-time payments
  • Full view of your expected monthly revenue
Communication Tools & Support

Communication Tools & Support

  • Updates feed
  • Live reporting
  • Dedicated success manager
Professional Feedback

Professional Feedback

  • Work & performance monitoring
  • Training and events
  • Private professional marketing community
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Top marketers deserve top clients and a top work setup

See How It Works:

Build your reputation as a top marketer

Get vetted by our vetting team, build a top-notch profile clients will fall in love with, and start getting matched with new clients and projects.

Our vetting process includes the following stages:

  • Vetting application (40 minutes)
  • Vetting meeting (1-1 ½  hours) - this includes view-only access to your accounts (full privacy coverage, data is not saved anywhere).
  • Profile enrichment with more information and case studies (the more, the merrier)

Approve perfectly matched clients

All the opportunities you’ll be sent are high-intent leads that were matched specifically with you, based on more than 25 success factors, including:

Tell us about your brand, your current marketing efforts, and your big-picture goals so we can find the perfect marketer not just by skillset, but by niche and personality too

  • The client’s marketing budget
  • Niche experience
  • Channels
  • Business stage
  • And even personality!

Easily onboard new clients & set up their campaigns

Mayple’s online onboarding tools will save you tons of time and deliver your clients an advanced digital experience.


  • Predefine project scope
  • Pre-filled marketing brief
  • Ad account & Google Analytics integrations in 3 clicks
  • Marketing plan guidelines & review
  • Setup review

Communicate and retain customers

Use structured communication tools and guidelines to share insights easily and clearly with your clients—delivering them a high level of service, while you enjoy a higher client retention rate in return.

Available tools:

  • Updates & Insights feed
  • Creative approval
  • Live campaign monitoring
  • And many more to come… (stay tuned!)

One dashboard to view and manage all of your projects

Forget about cramped Excel sheets and scattered lists in Google Drive folders. With Mayple you can view and easily manage your new projects, payouts, and more, all from a single interface.

Are you an expert? Here’s what our clients need help with the most:

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