Using Mayple VS digital marketing agencies

When it comes to something as important as your marketing, why settle for anything less than a 100% dedicated, transparent, and trustworthy marketing partner?

Fast-growing eCommerce brands need a marketing partner they can trust. Period.

In today’s fragmented digital marketing industry, it’s hard to know which of the agencies you spoke with will actually deliver good results for your business.


Like rolling dice...

Finding a good agency is a gamble. Even the good agencies are typically slower, more expensive, and you’re rarely their first priority.

They can help you build from scratch


Guaranteed talent quality

Data-driven vetting

Top experts in your niche

AI-powered matching

Impartial Growth Strategist

We'll recommend a different channel/expert if needed

Unbiased monitoring

Our platform tracks key metrics and campaign performance

Modular marketing team

Build your a-team with a few easy clicks



Agencies know how to pitch themselves write an impressive proposal. But n can deliver as promised. And you want those bottom-line results so you can scale your business. After all, that’s why you’re hiring marketing help in the first place—right?

Mayple helps you work with the top experts for each marketing skill. Those who have the best chances to get you top results, fast.

Leave the agency-gamble to your competitors, build your marketing dream-team with us.

When comparing Mayple to digital marketing agencies, ask yourself these 5 questions


Can an agency help me do everything I need to scale my eCommerce brand?

Digital agencies

Agencies might have a large team, but not everyone on their team is a top-performing expert. And if you need help with something specific, they’ll refer you to someone in-house rather than connecting you with the absolute best person for the job.


  • Mayple has a private network of 600+ (exhaustively!) vetted experts
  • We are purpose-built to scale eCommerce brands and eCommerce brands only.
  • Mayple makes sure you work with only the top-performing industry experts on your marketing.


Can an agency provide me with digital marketing experts to manage my campaigns

Digital agencies

  • Agencies struggle to hire and retain top talent. Because as soon as someone gets “too good” they often leave to start their own companies
  • They also have operational limitations and self-serving priorities that can limit your access to their top team members


We use 140+ criteria to vet our marketers, and an additional 25-50 matching success factors to match you with a top-performing marketing expert. So you can rest easy knowing you’re always working with the right expert for the right task


Will an agency identify the issues that will prevent my business from scaling?

Digital agencies

Conflict of interests can prevent agencies from communicating with you properly. They may not give you the full perspective of how your campaigns are performing, or where they may be gaps that are holding you back from getting top results


Mayple’s unbiased monitoring system continuously scans and analyzes your experts’ work, keeping an eye on everything that they’re doing. So your experts not only get professional feedback, but you always know what’s happening at every point in time.


Won’t an agency advise me on new growth opportunities?

Digital agencies

While there are many creative professionals out there, they will always be limited to their scope of expertise, and to the services they wish to sell to their own clients.


Your dedicated Mayple Growth Strategist will sit down with you once a month and go over your results as well as offer impartial advice on what else you can do to scale your business at any stage of your brand’s growth.


 Can an agency solve my changing marketing challenges as I scale?

Digital agencies

Agencies are limited to their scope of expertise and are biased towards the services they can manage. Internal politics may mean you might be kept waiting on getting the help you need when the opportunity is hot.


Your Growth Strategist can help you easily add, switch, or remove Marketing Experts at any time. Meaning you can stop working with someone if they’re no longer suitable to your needs, and start working with another expert who is the perfect fit to take your brand to the next level.


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