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With Mayple you can collaborate with some of the world’s most incredible brands, helping them grow their business, while you grow yours.

Save time with no more chasing after not-good-fit leads

Earn more money working with clients you love

Build your reputation in our community of top-performing

Trusted by 400+ brands

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There’s a huge difference between being a marketer—and being an independent marketer.

We get it. That’s why we built Mayple: one platform that has everything you need to succeed.

Perfectly matched eCommerce marketers

Top brands, matched perfectly to you

  • No more “will they or won’t they” sales meetings
  • No more working with clients that don’t fit (professionally or personally)

At Mayple the clients pay upfront, and we use more than 25 success factors on both sides to make sure it’s a perfect match—for a great working relationship

On-time payments and easy financial admin

On-time payments and easy financial admin

  • No more time spent crafting proposals
  • No more chasing overdue payments

Stop guessing when payment will get processed, at Mayple you get paid automatically by the 15th of each month for your work. Prices are fixed, and are aligned with your industry experts’ fee.

Advanced platform to manage your projects

Advanced platform to manage your projects

  • No more briefings and long onboarding processes
  • No more Excel sheets with expected income calculations

Approve new opportunities, read pre-filled marketing briefs, get access to ad accounts, see your expected income, send updates and reports, and more all from the one platform!

Top performing marketers are happier with Mayple

This is how you save time and earn more money when working with Mayple

With Mayple

Stable income with ongoing flow of clients

Curated projects with brands that run a minimum budget of $7K/mo and look for a long term partnership

Lower churn thanks to AI-powered matching and regular supervision

Independent marketer

Create your own deal flow

With Mayple

No sales meetings!

Pre-filled marketing brief

Automatic onboarding

3-click ad account integrations

Independent marketer

Building a reputation and lead flow

Long sales meetings

Crafting custom proposals

Collecting info about the business and marketing

Requesting access to ad accounts

With Mayple

Accurate matching with the types of projects you want and love to work on

We take care of payments, onboarding, and all the tech/admin stuff

Independent marketer

Compromising on irrelevant clients to keep a steady flow of income

Spending more time in admin and less actually marketing

With Mayple

Verified vetting certificate

Professional profile

Dynamic assessment

Independent marketer

Need to invest time in building your online reputation and connections

With Mayple

Ongoing professional feedback

Advanced communication tools to keep your customers happy

Guides and training to sharpen your skills constantly

Community of the best marketers in the world

Independent marketer


Our happy marketers

Limor G.

Mayple Expert

"Mayple has the perfect platform for digital marketers today. From the clients who are amazing, to the support from the marketers who assist in a strategic level and make sure you get all that you need to succeed."

Sandra S.

Mayple Expert

“Through working with Mayple I’ve been introduced to businesses with the same high performance mindset, which has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone in order to continue delivering excellent results”

Jay N.

Mayple Expert

“Partnering with Mayple allows me to focus on what I do best, while getting the back up and support needed to operate my business.”

Ben P.

Mayple Expert

“Being part of the Mayple experts community is a gift. I get top brands to work with. Mayple's platform takes care of all the processes and payments”

Aristide B.

Mayple Expert

“Mayple is allowing me to constantly evolve by challenging my decisions & creating a community of ever growing marketers”

Nicolas A.

Marketing Consultant

"Mayple not only give us qualified leads, is also helping us to connect with other experts and learn more of different marketing topics"

Ready to join a community of true marketing A-players?

Here’s how you can join the Mayple family

Fill in Your Vetting Application

To get started, we need to know more about you and your professional background. Only qualified marketers will continue to the next stage.


Have your vetting meeting

You’ll meet Mayple’s vetting team and will be vetted in a 1 hour meeting. You’ll be requested to share your previous work on your ad accounts or on other relevant accounts.


Become a Vetted Marketer

Congrats! If you passed the vetting stage you get a vetting certificate. All that’s left to do is sign the terms and conditions and be ready to start working with new clients!


Approve new clients

See new client opportunities who match perfectly with you, and approve them to within 24 hours.

[On avg. marketers generally get their 1st client opportunity within their 1st week of getting vetted]


Get ongoing support and monitoring

Prepare a plan based on a pre-filled marketing brief, and present it to your client. And when approved? It’s all systems go to set up your campaigns!

Omer Farkash

Founder of Mayple

“I believe that now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to shift marketing team management from one centered around access to talent to one focused on matching and measurement that creates impact.”

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Are you a top marketer?

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